Below are the list of project associated with the Biomechanics and Medical Devices theme. The hyperlinked project titles will download a PDF file of the full project description.
 Lab Based Projects
SupervisorProject Title
Prof Jimmy Moore Jr MRI phantom to enable imaging of lymphatic vessels
Dr Rylie Green Living electrode-on-a-chip development of microphysiological models to study bioelectronic interfaces in vitro
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi Conducting polymer nanowire and graphene based transistors on paper and PDMS for‌ ultradense ECoG (Electrocorticography) arrays‌
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi Fabrication of hybrid electrodes and hydrogels from conductive polymer nanowires, graphene and carbon nanotubes on PDMS for non-invasive imaging
Dr Joseph van-Batenburg Sherwood Experimentally modelling the interactions between red blood cells and endothelia‌ cells in disease
Dr Joseph van-Batenburg Sherwood Technical advancements to a low-cost, high-performance ventilator
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