Applications for those wishing to start in autumn 2024 will open on 2 October 2023.  See the guidelines below for the project selection process and example projects, though note that these instructions, deadlines, and projects will be updated later in the year to reflect the new admissions cycle information. 

MRes Cancer Technology students select their projects in October-November each year following opportunities to meet & discuss projects with supervisors. Projects draw from the diversity of research at Imperial and the Institute of Cancer Research and often include but are not limited to artificial intelligence, organ-on-chips, advanced imaging, nanotechnology, drug development and surgical technologies. There are typically 4-fold more projects than students, and all students have so far been allocated their first choice.  A sample of research projects that may be available for selection in the coming year as listed below. Because cancer research such is a rapidly changing field, project objectives often change to keep up.

Please visit our How do I apply? page for full details of the application process and deadlines.

List of Projects