Below are the list of project associated with the Biomedical Sensing Diagnostics and Imaging theme. Please note that some projects are in collaboration with other themes as well as other supervisors from departments outside of Bioengineering.

The hyperlinked project titles will download a PDF file of the full project description.


Lab Based

SupervisorProject Title
Prof Martyn Boutelle Microfabricated multimodality probes for minimally invasive monitoring the brain
Prof Martyn Boutelle, Prof Emmanuel Drakakis Wearable sensors for detection of ALS
Prof Molly Stevens Developing innovative biomaterials for regenerative medicine, advanced therapeut‌‌ics and biosensing‌
Prof Simon Schultz, Dr Ann Go Multiphoton imaging of the hippocampus in mouse models of neurodegenerative disease‌‌
Dr Christopher Rowlands A New Head Mounted Display Concept: Virtual Reality in a Pair of Sunglasses
Dr Christopher Rowlands Analysing hyperspectral oncological images using cutting-edge data processing
Dr Christopher Rowlands Building a next-generation scanning microscope
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi Conducting polymer nanowire and graphene based transistors on paper and PDMS for‌‌ ultradense ECoG (Electrocorticography) arrays‌‌
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi Fabrication of hybrid electrodes and hydrogels from conductive polymer nanowires, graphene and carbon nanotubes on PDMS for non-invasive imaging
Dr Rylie Green Neonatal EEG Electrode Cap
Dr Shlomi Haar  Movement and neural variability in real-world motor tasks
Dr Shlomi Haar, Dr Yen Tai Neurobehavioural biomarkers for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
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Desk Based

SupervisorProject Title
Prof Adam Hampshire, Prof David Sharp Mechanisms of Inhibition Failure in Traumatic Brain Injury
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