Frequently Asked Questions for Undergraduate Interviews

Why have I been asked to interview?

Our interview days help us assess your commitment and suitability for our courses and also help you decide whether our institution/course is suited to you.

All strong applicants are invited to interview: we do not normally make offers to applicants who have not attended one of our interview days or online alternatives. 

What happens on an interview day?

If you are invited to an interview day, you will be provided with full details of what to expect nearer the time. For 2022-23 Admissions cycle, all Bioengineering interviews will take place online using Microsoft Teams. The day will include a presentation from the Department’s Admissions Team, a Q&A session with some of our current undergraduate students, a group exercise and an individual interview.

Where is the interview?

For 2022-23, all Bioengineering interviews will take place online using Microsoft Teams. 

Online interviews should take place in a space where you feel comfortable and able to perform at your best. This should be a quiet space with reliable access to Microsoft Teams.

I can’t make the interview date. What can I do?

We offer a number of interview dates through the year and have alternative arrangements for students unable to travel to London. If you cannot make your allocated interview date, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Can I have a video interview instead?

In some cases we may be able to an alternative to in-person interviews (not necessarily a virtual/skype interview). Arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis, please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs. 

Do you provide overnight accommodation for those attending interviews?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange or provide accommodation or travel to interview days. 

Information regarding hotels can be found on our website here. Unfortunately, we ae unable to provide any specific recommendations or arrange bookings on your behalf.

What happens if I have an emergency on the day of the interview?

If you experience any extenuating circumstances on the day of your interview, please call us on +44 (0)20 7594 2259 as soon as possible. Alternatively, email, explaining the situation. We are unable to guarantee that an alternative date can be offered but will review each circumstance on a case-by-case basis


When will I find out if I’ve been made an offer, following my interview?

We would normally aim to provide you with an outcome within four weeks.

Can I have feedback on my interview?

If you are unsuccessful after the interview stage, you are welcome to request feedback.

I can’t make an interview. Will I become unsuccessful by default?

No. We can make alternative arrangements for students unable to travel to London, but we prefer to conduct a face-to-face interview where possible as it gives both parties the best opportunity to evaluate each other. 

I require a visa to enter the UK (for the interview day). Can this be arranged for me?

Any individual wanting to visit the UK from countries where a visa is required (known as ‘visa nationals’) must apply for a visa at their local UK embassy or consulate before travelling.

To check if you need to apply for a visa before you travel see:

Any visitor who wants to come to the UK must be able to show that they:

  • only want to visit the country for a maximum of six months;
  • plan to leave the United Kingdom at the end of their visit; and
  • have enough money to support and accommodate themselves during their trip without working or help from benefits or public funds (or prove that the person they are visiting is able to provide them with accommodation and financial support).

 You will need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa (

 Home Office guidance notes on how to complete these application forms can be found at the same link above.

 You are responsible for obtaining the correct immigration permission to come to the UK to attend your interview.

Unfortunately, we (the Department of Bioengineering) are not authorised to provide guidance on applying for a visa, other than the details supplied above.