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The Imperial College healthcare tissue bank


It is a legal requirement that the tissue type, quantity and storage location of any human tissue donated by patients of Imperial College Hospitals Trust is recorded centrally along with the appropriate consent. The Imperial College Healthcare Tissue Bank database (ICHTB) has been developed by and maintained by the Bioinformatics Data Science Group to meet this legal requirement working hand in hand with the staff of the tissue bank. This online system records donor, operation and histology information along with related sample and location information and is available online for tissue bank staff, other subcollection managers and users and general research staff. When samples are issued to projects this is recorded so an auditable record exists of what tissue is available, from which donors and the tissue that has been previously issued to which projects. From this body of information various statistical measures can be ascertained including information about consent, trends in research, tissue collection and dispatch and the types of tissue held and issued. The tissue bank database represents an important piece of Imperial’s research infrastructure.  

System statistics
Data entityNumber on 27 March 2015
 Patients  19,230
 Samples (issued)  125,498 (31,212)
 Subcollections  297
 Research projects  652
 Users  224
 Total User Logins  4,799
Summary of the table's contents

Data enrichment and integration

Working with our ICHTB partners we are involved in a number of initiatives to enrich the existing tissue bank information with research results. We have developed data pipelines to enable the export donor and sample information for various research programs including the much publicised 100,00 Genomes project. We have also developed data integration tools for a CRUK targeted sequencing project (Stratified medicine program II) and regularly update our database with outcomes data from the National Cancer Registry.