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The glycosciences laboratory

We have created bespoke databases for a number of clinial and biological studies, and also host and manage database and software tools developed by 3rd parties. Some examples of such projects are detailed below.

Current projects

Developing human connectome project

The BDSG is supporting  the development of a comprehensive system to manage the data and metadata generated by the Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP). This ERC-funded collaboration between Kings College London, Imperial College and Oxford University aims to generate the first dynamic map of human brain connectivity from 20 to 44 weeks post-conceptional age, linking together imaging clinical behavioural and genetic information.

PI: Prof. Daniel Rueckert

BSS Contact: Dr. Sarah Butcher

NIHR/MRC Human phenome centre

The BDSG is developing a comprehensive samples and data management system for the recently established NIHR/MRC Phenome Centre based at Imperial College. This will provide the staff in the centre with a platform to track, store and analyse the results of metabonomic phenotyping assays.  

PI: Prof. Jeremy Nicholson

BSS Contact: Dr. Sarah Butcher

Selected completed projects


MRIdb is a data management system for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It provides a secure, intuitive user and administrative interfaces for the image annotation, analysis and export. It include role-based access control, patient-study assignment, and extensive auditing.

PI: Dr. Declan O'Regan

Project Webpage: MRIdb

BDSG Contact: Dr. Sarah Butcher