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Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE)

Project background

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ISBE preparatory phase ran for 3 years from August 2012 – July 2015. It was one of the 13 European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) projects in the field of Biological and Medical Sciences. The project consortium (23 groups in 11 countries) was set up to consult with the Systems Biology community across the EU and produce detailed proposal for a European infrastructure. The project included aspects of governance, training, future sustainability as well as building a scientific vision. Closely Related infrastructure projects at different stages of maturity include ELIXIR ,BioMedBridges  and EU-BioImaging .

BDSG were involved predominantly in WP2, WP9 with a smaller role in WP10 (training and education).

WP2 aims were to:

  • comprehensively survey the state of the art and best practices for model and data management for Systems Biology in Europe.
  • propose and promote a framework and best practices for model and data management for Systems Biology in Europe.
  • collaborate with standardisation activities for model and data management.

WP9 aims were to:

  • formulate a technology vision for the operational phase of the infrastructure.
  • define and establish procedures for the continuous assessment of emerging technologies relevant to ISBE.
  • implement new innovative technologies and procedures to ISBE’s technology tools and research topics.
  • identify the future needs of the systems biology community with respect to storage and hardware.


As a preparatory phase project, ISBE was predominantly an information gathering and planning exercise. All deliverable reports are published and available on Zenodo, including the results of a number of EU-wide surveys on systems biology resources, and future needs for different types of systems biology practitioners, including Industry. An outline for a sustainable systems biology infrastructure has been suggested and the project has entered the interim phase, where it will offer a number of lightweight services before it enters the full execution phase. In the meantime, aspects of ISBE are newly funded under the Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science Services  (CORBEL), and FAIRDOM.