We provide a range of hardware resources including machines with large memory capacities and a compute cluster to support our registered users and larger ongoing projects. Our systems are mainly housed in the ICT data centre,  which provides a secure and controlled environment.




We manage a number of servers providing an interactive login facility in addition to  web, application and database servers which enable us to maintain project-specific websites, web-based analysis tools, data management systems and dedicated resources for particular analysis services.

Our service login service is currently provided on a 16 core server configured with 128Gb RAM and running CentOS Linux 5.6. Please see our help pages for details of how to apply for an account and connect to codon.


disksWe have a multi-tiered storage architecture providing a total of 500 Tb of storage. High performance storage is provided via an 8Gb/s fibre-channel storage area network, with a mixture of fast 15k RPM SAS disks, and NL-SAS based systems for large-scale bulk storage.

Accounts are setup with a home directory quota of 10Gb by default, which can be extended up to 100Gb on request. Requirements for storage greater than 100Gb are chargeable as described in our charging structure. All storage makes use of resilient technologies to ensure there is no single point of failure, and make use of RAID technologies to prevent data loss in the event of disk failure. 

Backup and Archive

tapesBackup is carried out nightly to a disk-based backup system housed in a separate data-centre from our storage systems, which allows for fast file recovery.  We also have an LTO 5 tape library as a secondary backup and archiving system. All project-specific filesystems, and home directories are backed up nightly. Please note that scratch filesystems are provided for storing working data only i.e. temporary files, output files, and are consequently not backed up. Please ensure that any important data is stored in your home directory or project-specific filesystems.