login serviceWe operate a login service providing access to our range of software and databases. Although much bioinformatics software is available via the web, the ability to run programs at a command line provides a significantly more powerful approach, especially when dealing with large, complex analysis. 

Our login server, codon, is configured with four quad-core processors and 128 Gb RAM, and runs CentOS Linux 5.6. Holding an account on codon gives you access to all our software, maintained databases and disk storage. Home directories have a 10Gb quota by default, but this can be increased up to 100Gb withouth charge for those handling larger data sets. Users with larger data requirements should contact us regarding their requirements - we can provide storage of many terabytes of data if required.

To make use of our login service, you first need to apply for an account. Once your account is available, information on connecting to codon finding software and running programs can be found in our help pages.