Automated Data Management for research datasets

ADAM is a storage system for heterogeneous research data that performs dynamic, automated indexing to provide powerful search, discovery and collaboration features without the restrictions of a structured repository. It is intended for anyone who collates working data as part of their research - including articles, spreadsheets, images and datasets.

ADAM screenshot


  • Automatic metadata extraction handlers
    • Articles from numerous journals, including citation retrieval
    • Office documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint (and OpenOffice equivalents)
    • Images: PNG, JPEG, GIF, LSM, CXD, LIF
    • Microarray data: CEL
    • Mass spectrometry data: Waters
    • NMR data: Bruker
    • Scripts: Python, MATLAB, R
  • Network drive (SMB) access
  • Faceted browsing with previews
  • Language detection and entity extraction for uploaded documents
  • Full-text search
  • Analytics for uploaded data
  • Online file upload, browsing and download
  • Dataset sharing with named users or groups, or publishing
  • Online real-time and optional email notification of new uploads and sharing
  • Automated tagging using MeSH terms and suggestions for similar articles
  • Optional manual tagging
  • QR code generation for mobile access to uploaded documents