A booking system is in place for access to floating licenses for BDSG-managed commercial software packages.  Please use this system to book usage for these licenses. 

To ensure fair access to the licenses, bookings are permitted up to a maximum of 3 hours between 0900 and 1800 on any particular day.

Note that use of the licenses outside booked periods may result in the license being revoked to enable a user with a valid booking to access the system. 

Booking a license

  • Enter your college login name in the 'Your name' box, and click on the 'check names' icon to confirm.

sharepoint booking

  • Enter the date and time for your booking, where 'Planned checkout data' is the start time for the booking, and 'Planned checkin date' is the end time.
  • Select the required software license from the 'Item' drop-down menu
  • Once your details are entered, click the 'Save' button