MRIdb: Medical imaging database

MRIdb is an end-to-end data management system for MRI, combining the DCM4CHEE DICOM server with a bespoke front-end packaged into an easily deployable virtual machine. It interfaces directly with MRI scanners and handles image storage, retrieval and export. It provides role-based access control, patient-study assignment, and extensive auditing. MRIdb is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the BDSG and the Imaging Sciences Department of Imperial College.

Key features

  • Audience: Researchers and clinicians
  • Dendencies: Linux (server), web browser (client)
  • Funding: Various
  • Licence: GPLv3
  • Citation: Woodbridge, M., Fagiolo, G., and O’Regan, D.P. (2013). MRIdb: Medical Image Management for Biobank Research. Journal of Digital Imaging. doi:10.1007/s10278-013-9604-9