OMERO is a software application for storage, visualisation and analysis of biological microscope images. It is developed by the University of Dundee and the Open Microscopy Environment and customised and deployed at Imperial College by the Bioinformatics Data Science Group with support from FILM.

Storing your images in OMERO means they are automatically archived and backed-up. A single cross-platform application is provided to view, annotate and share images, regardless of the instrument used for acquisition. Image can be downloaded from OMERO using applications such as ImageJ, CellProfiler and Definiens, and the data store can be accessed using code written in MATLAB, Python, Java or C++. The BDSG OMERO server is regularly updated and access is controlled using standard college usernames and passwords.

Obtaining an account

OMERO accounts are charged for at a rate of £250 per user per annum. This includes software updates, maintenance of the server and storage (including backup) of up to 100GB of data. Storage beyond this volume is charged at a pro rata rate of £550 per TB per annum.

To request an account or for further information please contact


  1. Obtain an account
  2. Download the appropriate version of OMERO.Insight from using the links on the top-right of this page
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file using i.e. WinZip to a folder on your computer.
  4. Double-click on 'OMERO.insight' or 'OMERO.insight_64' to start the program.
  5. When a login prompt appears, first click the spanner icon and change the hostname from 'localhost' to ''
  6. Login with your college credentials.
  7. Upload files using File > Import...
  8. Update the image list using File > Refresh current tree
  9. View some video tutorials or guided tutorials on viewing, annotating and sharing images

Further notes:

  • OMERO.insight is only accessible on campus or when using the Imperial College VPN
  • OMERO.web can be used off-campus and doesn't require Java, but has a restricted feature setO