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AB - The use of robotic systems combined with force sensing is emerging as the gold standard for in vitro biomechanical joint testing, due to the advantage of controlling all six degrees of freedom independently of one another. This paper describes a novel robotic platform and the experimental protocol used for hip joint testing. An experimental protocol implemented optical tracking and registration techniques in order to define the position of the hip joint centre of rotation (COR) in the coordinate system of the robot's end effector. The COR coordinates defined the origin of the task-related coordinate system used to control the robot, with a hybrid force/position law to simulate standard clinical tests. The axes of this frame were defined using the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) anatomical coordinate system.Experiments were carried out on two cadaveric hip joint specimens using the robotic testing platform and a mechanical testing rig previously developed and described by our group. Simulated internal-external and adduction/abduction laxity tests were carried out with both systems and the resulting peak range of motion (ROM) was measured. Similarities and differences were observed in these experiments, which were used to highlight some of the limitations of conventional systems and the corresponding advantages of robotics, further emphasising their added value in vitro testing.
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