You can download branded PowerPoint slides to use during virtual events from the College's Asset Library.

The deck includes general slides about Imperial events, news, our YouTube channel and the Imperial Podcast, as well as slides focused on studying at Imperial and supporting the Imperial COVID-19 Response Fund.

The deck also includes slides that you can use before your event starts, during intervals and at its close, along with a selection of title slides that you can customise for your event.

Download the slide deck

Online events PowerPoint slide deck 16:9 [.ppt]

Microsoft Teams backgrounds

If you are running a virtual event with Microsoft Teams, you can use an Imperial background for your video. You can learn more about how to add an Imperial background to your video on the Microsoft Teams page on the ICT website.

Learn more about running a virtual event

Imperial's Institutional Events team provide detailed information and advice about running a virtual event using Microsoft Teams, including the equipment you will need, how to prepare and managing your event.

Visit the Virtual events page to learn more.