As part of our branding guidelines, it is not possible for departments or faculties to have their own logos, apart from in exceptional circumstances, where our official sub-branding rules are applied.

Having multiple individual identities throughout the College would lead to a devaluation, and dilution, of the overall Imperial identity.

Ensuring that all staff, students, centres and departments work under the single umbrella of the Imperial graphic identity, using just the master Imperial College London logo, means that we can present a consistent and professional image to our audiences. We all benefit from the global reputation of the Imperial name.

Individual logos and sub-brands must therefore not be created, but it is possible to give your department its own identity within our brand.

Creating a ‘look and feel’ for your department

It is possible to create a consistent and distinctive look for your department or institute by selecting a set of colours, developing a standard page layout and introducing some graphical elements. For examples of how identities for parts of Imperial can be managed without creating logos, download the Dyson School of Design Engineering (pdf) or Grantham Institute guidelines (pdf) .

Please get in touch with the Communications department for more details on creating a look for your department within our guidelines via Style Guide, providing the following details:

  • Why is a new identity required?
  • What materials are required as part of the development of the new look and feel? For example, branding guidelines, an annual report, a poster or signage.
  • Are then any existing publications from the department/Institute that should be taken into account?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a specific deadline in mind for the launch of your identity?