The Imperial College London logo may be used in conjuction with logos of external organisations in the dual or co-branded applications on publicity materials (e.g. brochures, leaflets, posters, banners, etc.).

Logos of other organisations may not, under any circumstances, be added to Imperial College London stationery, (e.g. letterhead, compliments slips and business cards).

Personalised stationery, letterheads and business cards used by Imperial staff must be Imperial College London branded and should be ordered from Service Point. Envelopes are still purchased from Office Depot.

Dual branding and co-branding should only be used when a real partnership can be demonstrated between Imperial and another organisation. Click on the links below to find out which type of branding is suited to your requirements.

If you are unsure whether your working relationship is appropriate for dual or co-branding, please get in touch with the Communications department via Style Guide.

Dual and Cobranding

Dual branding

Dual branding implies a partnership or similar agreement between Imperial and another organisation.

To maintain the visual impact and standard of our graphic identity when used in conjunction with partners' logos, please follow the guidance shown below.

The Imperial College London master logo is placed on the left, the other logo is placed on the right at equal size and horizontal distance. The two logos are separated by a 0.5pt vertical rule printed to match Pantone 541 blue. Please get in touch with the Communications team with assistance in creating a dual brand, or if another institute is leading the branding at Style Guide.

Imperial College Logo next to Tigtag logo 


Co-branding generally applies when Imperial is a partner in a project or event with a number of other organisations.

When using the Imperial College London logo in a co-branded or mixed endorsed application, please ensure all the logos are of equal size. Always maintain a minimum clear zone around the logo as indicated. For assistance with co-branding with external parties please contact Style Guide.Imperial College London logo next to ICR, next to The Royal Marsden next to Queen Mary logo