Guidance for communicating about ethnicity is currently being created at Imperial. It will be a guideline and regularly-updated resource for all Imperial staff and students to refer to when communicating on behalf of the College about ethnicity, whether in writing or verbally.

Why do we need this guidance?

We recognise that not everyone in the Imperial community will be familiar with preferred or current terminology when communicating about ethnicity and that there are some terms in use which many find confusing and contentious (such as the acronym BAME for ‘Black, Asian, and minority ethnic’).

These guidelines will serve as a tool to facilitate clear and inclusive communications. Our robust protections for free speech and academic freedom remain in place.

How is this guidance being developed?

In December 2021, a 'Writing about ethnicity working group' was formed. This group is leading the drafting of the guidance and will seek feedback from key stakeholders within the Imperial community before its publication.

Membership of the working group includes representation from:

When will this guidance be published?

We hope to publish the guidance by summer 2022.

Once this guidance is completed, a similar stakeholder-led approach will be taken to develop an expanded guide for other terms relevant to equality, diversity and inclusion discourse, such as neurodiversity and disability.

How to find out more

If you have any questions about this guidance or the working group, please contact Andrew Youngson, News and Campaigns Content Manager.