As with money and currencies, full and abbreviated terms for distances and measurements are acceptable, provided they are used consistently. Full versions are recommended in prose, while abbreviated versions are suitable for tables and captions.

With weights and measurements, use metric units by default. Do not include a space between the figure and the abbreviated unit. All units of weight above ton should be written in full and not abbreviated.

Full versionAbbreviation
50 square metres 50sqm
5 metres 5m
5 kilogram or kilo (not kilogramme) 5kg
$10 million $10m
BUT always abbreviate metres squared 50m2

File size measurements

Data storage capacities and file sizes are measured in ‘bits’. Their abbreviations are always written in capitals with the exception of bits, which uses a lowercase ‘b’.

Full versionAbbreviation
Bit b
Byte B
Kilobyte KB
Megabyte MB
Gigabyte GB
Terabyte TB