Brazil Forum

Welcome to Imperial College Brazil Forum! 

Brazil Forum is an academic community of science, technology, medicine and business at Imperial College. It acts as a focal point for students and academic staff involved or interested in Brazilian issues or currently working with Brazilian institutions. The aim is to promote new synergies and innovation by enhancing collaboration among its members and academic partnerships with Brazil.

To become a Brazil Forum member the interested person must be registered or working at Imperial College. To subscribe to our directory and to the mailing list, please access our subscription form. In addition, you are also invited to join our Forum Linkedin Group.

The Forum is guided through Terms of Reference in compliance with the College regulations. The Forum has the following objectives:

    • Assemble academic staff, researchers, students and alumni into a network, promoting scientific and academic collaboration;
    • Act as a platform for developing activities related to Brazil at the College, including the organisation of events and cultural activities, dissemination of news and research opportunities to the Forum members, and guidance for prospective Brazilian students and academic partners, in order to develop a sense of community between members;
    • Contribute to building and implementing academic, government and industry partnerships and agreements between Imperial College and Brazilian institutions, in collaboration with the International Relations Office;
    • Facilitate dialogue with funding agencies, companies, governmental boards, research institutes, universities and scholarship programmes to help inform the College strategies regarding Brazil, in collaboration with the International Relations Office;
    • Highlight strategic opportunities regarding Brazil to the College, and advise it where convenient.