Brazil Forum was established in 2011 as an independent and virtual initiative, involving all Faculties at Imperial College. This cross faculty approach gives its members the opportunity to share experiences and enhance partnerships with Brazil in many areas. The Forum encourages its members to promote international cooperation, research projects and events about Brazilian issues at Imperial College London.

Brazil is one of the leading economies worldwide with about US$ 2.4 trillion of GDP, achieving the 7thrank in 2013 according to the United Nations. The country has approximately 200 million inhabitants and a multicultural population in 8.51 million sq km of territory, of which more than 50% is occupied by native forests, including Amazonia, Pantanal, Cerrado, Atlantic Forests and other biomes. Brazil is not only abundant in natural resources but has also dynamic agricultural, industrial and service sectors, which have been significantly increasing in last decades, especially in some areas such as renewable energies, deep shore oil, food production, aviation, medicine, among others. However, Brazil is still facing many structural challenges, for example to eliminate poverty, improve its income distribution, health service, educational system and the quality of life for its population as a whole.

For these reasons Imperial College as a leading academic institution worldwide is currently carrying out many research activities related to Brazil, involving both students and academic staff from different nationalities, including Brazilians. The United Kingdom as a leading country in many areas, with an outstanding educational system, has much to offer and to benefit from a stronger cooperation with Brazil through win-win academic partnerships.

The main Brazil Forum activities are the share of expertise and information, technical meetings, workshops and seminars and research partnerships with leading Brazilian institutions.

Forum's Records

Guiding document for the Brazil Forum activities:

Brazil Forum Annual Meetings (open to all members):

  • 2nd BF Annual Meeting on 13 Nov 2012 with the presence of the Brazilian Ambassador in the UK (agendaminutespicture);
  • 1st BF Annual Meeting on 25 Nov 2011 (agenda and minutes).

Meetings of the BF Steering Committee:

  • Meeting on 17 Jul 2013 (agenda);
  • Meeting on 18 Mar 2013 (agenda);
  • Meeting on 28 Feb 2013 (agenda);
  • Meeting on 18 Jul 2012 (agenda);
  • Meeting on 28 Feb 2012 (agenda).

Technical events:

  • Seminar Sustainable Energy Policy and Economic Growth for the Big Emerging Economies of the World carried out in partnership with the Imperial College Union's Energy Society on 16 Aug 2012. Moderator Dr Adam Hawkes; Speakers: Prof Paul Ekins, Minister-Councillor Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos, Mr Magued Eldaief and Prof Samuel Fankhauser. Flyer and handouts.

Social events:

  • Brazil Forum Drinks on 7 Mar 2013;
  • Reception at the Brazilian Embassy in London on 9 Nov 2012 regarding the Science without Borders programme;
  • Brazil Forum Drinks on 22 Mar 2012.

News on Brazil Forum: