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author = {Nagy, M and Britovsek, GJP and Ragauskas, AJ},
title = {Unleashing organosolv lignin for biofuels},
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AB - The development of cellulosic ethanol will result in the generation of significant amounts of under-utilized lignin. This research study examines the potential of conventional heterogeneous and novel homogeneous catalysts for the hydrogenation of ethanol organosolv lignin to biofuels. The development of hydrogenolysis conditions that effectively decrease the molecular weight of lignin were initially examined with a B-O-aryl ether lignin model compound. Hydrogenation studies with RhCl(PPh3)3 and Ru(Cl)2(PPh3)3 indicated that the B-O-aryl ether linkage could be cleaved. Applications to lignin demonstrated the ability to decrease the molecular weight and enhance its solubility. The changes in molecular structure of lignin were followed by NMR, GPC and MALDI. These studies demonstrated that the hydrogenated lignin had a decrease in oxygen functionality and the formation of products enriched in H/C. This presentation will summarize our studies at optimizing this reductive treatment to provide a novel route of converting lignin to a biofuel.
AU - Nagy,M
AU - Britovsek,GJP
AU - Ragauskas,AJ
PY - 2008///
SN - 0065-7727
TI - Unleashing organosolv lignin for biofuels
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