Students in a multi-modal lecture theatre

At Imperial College Business School, we are well positioned and fully committed to continuing our world-class education and research during this challenging time, leveraging our long-standing digital capabilities to ensure the ongoing provision of our mission.

The 2021-22 academic year has started, and we are currently able to deliver in person teaching on our campuses. Across the Autumn term we are offering flexibility to those that cannot be on campus through our multi-modal delivery allowing them to join remotely and in real time. This has been critically important during this period of uncertainty and has ensured students are enjoying an engaging, interactive, and dynamic classroom experience with plenty of opportunities to connect with faculty and their peers.

We remain fully committed to delivering an outstanding and memorable student experience beyond the classroom. This past year every student has been able to benefit from an extensive range of student experience activities.

We will keep our plans under continuous review, guided by the UK Government and by our own Covid response team who have played an active role in informing national and international policy to keep people safe.

Last updated: 21 September 2021

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Find more information on the steps being taken to make our environment as safe as possible on the College COVID-19 page.
"Regardless of whether they are in the lecture theatre or participating remotely, every student will be able to: benefit from close engagement with our faculty; access our exceptional careers offering; and network with Imperial’s global community of students, alumni and thought leaders."
Dean Francisco Veloso,
Imperial College Business School
Francisco Veloso