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Below is a list of key questions and answers for staff in relation to the School’s response to COVID-19, covering a range of topics including campus access, online teaching and the hosting of online events. More information can be found on the College COVID-19 page for staff.

All Business School staff have access to the Business School Hub on Teams, which you may find particularly helpful during this time. The Hub contains information for faculty and professional staff, as well as general information about the School and top tips for remote working. We have also set up an IB Clubs & Activities site on Teams. Please join this for information about social events, fitness and health, and the Parent Network. You should also receive regular email updates from the College and from the Dean.

The College's COVID-19 webpage is updated regularly and contains key information for staff, students and applicants. For staff, you will find guidance on:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Remote working
  • HR policies
  • Travel, visas and immigration
  • Research support
  • Support for postdoctoral staff and fellows
  • Volunteering
  • Campus operations

Staff can find information on COVID-19-related HR policies, including recruitment, on the HR policies page.

Latest updates from Imperial College London

Find more information on the steps being taken to make our environment as safe as possible on the College COVID-19 page.

Information for faculty about online teaching

Imperial College Business School’s Resources for Remote & Online Teaching module provides the best source of information for faculty members teaching remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to frequently asked questions about teaching in a virtual environment, the module includes tips and materials on how to use Zoom effectively and how to self-record high-quality video content. There is also a chat feature for faculty to share their experiences.

The Edtech Lab is running an Introductory Zoom training session every Tuesday and an Advanced Zoom Training session every Thursday.

With the shift to using the new platform, the Edtech Lab is also offering 1-2-1 consultations with faculty to discuss their preferred teaching approach; it is also running weekly design sessions every Wednesday, showcasing how to enhance delivery and make the most of the features the new platform has to offer. To register your interest in setting up a consultation, please contact Sarah Grant.

Imperial College Business School Spring teaching: Edtech support

Information sessions

The Edtech Lab are running a series of information sessions to support faculty as they prepare for teaching this Spring/Summer, including:

  • Platform induction: An introduction to the new platform and an overview of new features and exercises
  • Zoom workshop: Learn how to use Zoom to deliver lectures remotely
  • Self-recording training session: Learn how to create high-quality video content from your laptop.

 If you are interested in attending, please sign up

Design consultations

If you are interested in meeting with a senior learning designer to discuss your individual module requirements or to redesign your module for remote delivery, please sign up for a 121 consultation

Information for staff about hosting online events

For day-to-day meetings between colleagues, Microsoft Teams should be used wherever possible.

School events can be hosted on Zoom, by using the Webinar or Meeting function:

  • Zoom Webinar should be used for large, multisession events where there is limited interaction between the audience and the panellists/host. For example, a conference or staff address.

  • Zoom Meeting can be used for more intimate events where engagement between the audience and the panellists/host is needed. For example, a workshop or seminar.

For support with training or to request a Zoom background for teaching or events, please email Isobel Snelson. You can also join the Virtual Event Managers Teams group.

What should I do if I have coronavirus symptoms or have tested positive?

Anyone who has been or is due to be on campus and has coronavirus symptoms or has tested positive, should contact Imperial’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Hub as soon as possible.

Can I gain access to Business School buildings?

Other than those staff members required on campus, staff should continue to work from home if they can. However, all Business School spaces are open to staff who need access. A range of health and safety provisions are in place and Imperial College will continue to follow UK government policy .

For further information or to ask about items being retrieved and delivered to your home address, please email bs.facultyservices@imperial.ac.uk and the Faculty Services team will assist.

What steps is the College taking to protect staff health and safety?

The College has a health and safety plan in place which is led at the highest level within College and is being continually reviewed in line with guidance from Public Health England and the NHS to ensure Imperial is a safe place to work and study. The health, safety and wellbeing of our community is our first priority and the latest updates and guidance for staff can be found on the College COVID-19 site.

The College's COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy covers measures the College is taking and your responsibilities.

Wearing a face covering is now essential in most locations on-campus. Face coverings should cover both your mouth and nose. View the safety guidance for staff.

When will staff be able to return to campus?

All Business School areas are accessible to staff who need to come in; however, in order to be able to maintain social distancing on campus, anyone who can work from home should continue to do so until further notice.

A range of health and safety provisions are in place including social distancing, use of face coverings and one-way systems, and a health and safety briefing will be provided to staff who need to work on campus.

For further guidance on working on-site, please see here.

What is happening to post and deliveries during the pandemic?

Post is being held in the South Kensington central post room and not being distributed; there is no access allowed to post and therefore nothing can be retrieved until the College is open again.

Parcel deliveries are still being accepted and stored; as with post, you cannot access any parcel deliveries until the College is open again.

Can I purchase ICT equipment to support with home working?

Orders for any equipment that is needed for home working, and where you have your own budget to cover this, can be placed by the usual nominated representative who has access, using the relevant budget code. Equipment should be sourced and bought through the College’s preferred suppliers and delivered to your home address. Please note, purchases over £250 cannot be submitted via expense claims.

What advice is available for working from home?

Please follow advice set out by the College Occupational Health team and follow the guidance here to check your working from home setup.


If you have further questions, please get in touch with the most relevant contact: