Imperial College Business School inspires brilliant minds to be the world’s future leaders of business and society.  We believe that helping these students complete their degrees is the most important thing we can do.  That’s why our students receive a wealth of assistance from our academic staff, pastoral programmes and Careers Service.

The Dean’s Fund: removing obstacles to education

The high costs of living in London, or the financial strain caused by an unexpected illness or family emergency can pose a real obstacle for some students.  ICBS students who are struggling to meet costs are further supported through your gifts to the Dean’s Fund for Imperial College Business School.

You can make a difference

Sixty-six graduates made gifts to the ICBS Dean’s Fund last year alone.  When you join them, your gift will help talented, ambitious business students reach their full potential by:

    • Funding scholarships for MSc and MBA candidates who show exceptional promise but need financial assistance
    • Funding exciting new initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation for the benefit of our students
    • Providing emergency support to ICBS students who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulty – caused by, for example, a death or illness in the family or sudden problems with housing or childcare

Your investment may be modest, but your gift can provide the resources and inspiration that allows a talented student to complete their degree on time and without costly loans.  For that student, your gift can be the first step in a lifetime of success and achievement.

Make a gift today

Please make a gift today to support the Dean’s Fund and help a bright student reach his or her potential with a degree from Imperial.

“I follow the alumni newsletters and magazine and I can see a lot of good work coming out of the Business School and Imperial in general.  I find myself greatly indebted to the School for providing me with the knowledge and support required for my career.

“I would highly recommend donating to the School to ensure that continuation of a great tradition of research and education.” – Ahraz Sheikh, Imperial graduate and Director, Parker Fitzgerald, made his first gift to the Dean’s Fund for Imperial College Business School in 2015.

Contact Paul Mburu, Head of Development, for further information.