Hong Kong

Imperial College Business School has been building its international presence via Global Hubs as part of its 10-year strategy. The first Global Hub was formally launched in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in 2020, with the European Hub launched in 2021. The School has plans to introduce further Hubs including in the Middle East, Africa and America.  


The Global Hubs will promote and facilitate the Business School’s regional engagement by cultivating local corporate relationships, supporting student recruitment and alumni engagement, facilitating academic and research activities, and increasing the visibility and impact of the Business School in the region.  


To be a visible presence for the Business School in key regions, increasing brand awareness, fostering relations and establishing deep links between the School’s community and regional partners, generating opportunities to support the School’s priorities in the region.


The Global Hub strategy focuses on five key areas:

  • To build and maintain first class relationships with key employers across the region that Business School students and alumni aspire to work for;   

  • To enhance communications and deepen engagement with current and future students, alumni, corporate partners, and other stakeholders across the region;   

  • To increase the visibility of the Business School in the region;   

  • To facilitate academic and research links that will help our faculty and students develop a truly global dimension to their research and learning;  

  • To support regional initiatives and activities led by teams across the School.    


With the regional Hub Director based in Singapore and a Relationships Manager in Hong Kong, the APAC Hub works across these countries, as well as Mainland China and the wider region. The APAC Hub has a strong presence on WeChat, with an official WeChat account (IB Careers) as well as multiple student WeChat groups.  

To date, the Hub has delivered a variety of events, workshops and career development advice, along with industry-specific information, employment opportunities and networking connections. This activity has had a significant impact on our regional engagement and employment outcomes.   
The remit of the Hub is now widening to support the School’s wider global strategy, including the objectives of the Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions team, as well as Alumni, Executive Education and Corporate Marketing where relevant.  

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European Hub

With an Employer Relations Consultant based in France, who is responsible for mainland Europe, the European Hub has been establishing a wider presence and increasing the School's corporate and alumni engagement in the region.  

The Hub has delivered a variety of workshops, region-specific information, employment opportunities and networking connections to students and alumni. This activity has had a significant impact on our regional engagement and student opportunities.    

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The Hubs work in close collaboration with both our student-led regional Business Clubs – the Asia Business Club and the Continental Europe Business Club – as well as with our regional alumni groups.