The Business School Awards

The annual awards are a way for you to show your appreciation of your fellow students by nominating them for a Dean’s Community Award, as well as Business School faculty, Teaching Assistants and Professional Staff via the Teaching Excellence Awards. 

The Teaching Excellence Awards 

These awards are voted for by students and recognise the outstanding contributions made by faculty, teaching assistants and professional staff.  This year the award categories are:

  • MBA Core Module Teaching
  • MSc/ MRes Core Module Teaching
  • Undergraduate Teaching
  • PhD Supervision
  • Innovation in Teaching
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Online Teaching Award (new for 2020)
  • Excellent Assessment Feedback
  • Teaching Assistant/ Teaching Lead/ TutorStudent Support
  • Professional Staff Student Support

Nominations will be open from the 20th April. Voting closes at the end of July.


Dean’s Community Awards

These awards are voted for by students and staff and recognise citizenship amongst Business School students who excel in extra-curricular activities. Special consideration will be given to any student who has demonstrated exceptional support or assistance to others during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

This year the award categories are:

  • Improving Society – someone who has made a positive contribution to raising social awareness e.g. raising awareness of social causes with the cohort, volunteering, organising a fundraising or community engagement activity
  • The Power of Innovative Thinking – someone who thinks outside of the box, demonstrating creative thinking e.g. innovative contributions or leadership that takes a project, event or solution to the next level
  • Inspiring Brilliant Minds – someone who has broadened the minds of other students e.g. organising an event or activity that provoked inspiring discussion or innovation and enhanced your learning and development
  • Pioneering Practical Solutions – someone who identifies an opportunity to benefit their cohort or the School and takes action e.g. someone who has developed a new initiative to improve the student experience.
  • Sustainable Business Thinking – someone who actively promotes an environmentally friendly culture both in the College and the wider community.
  • Dean’s Community Award for Alumni

Nominations will be open from the last week of May until the 30th June.  

Previous winners

In 2019 the award winners were;

Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Innovation in Teaching – Dr Charles Donovan
  • Inclusive Teaching – Dr Jan Ross
  • MBA Core Module Teaching – Dr Martin Haugh
  • MSc/ MRes Core Module Teaching – Dr Savitar Sundaresan
  • Undergraduate Teaching – Dr Laura Noval
  • PhD Supervision – Dr Gokhan Yildirim
  • Professional Staff Student Support – Kiren Bashir
  • Teaching Assistant Student Support- Artemis Panigyraki

Dean’s Community Awards

For Improving Society

  • Francesca Siracusa (IBSc)
  • Desree Arthur (MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering)

For the Power of Innovative Thinking

Alexandros Angelopoulos (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance)

For Inspiring Brilliant Minds

  • Krystal Lau (Doctoral)
  • Spencer Seow (MSc Management)

For Inclusive Business

  • Alex Compton (IBSc)
  • Alexa Segal (Doctoral)

For Pioneering Practical Solutions

  • Mara Guerra (Doctoral)
  • Krystal Lau (Doctoral)
  • Christian Bentlage (MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management)
  • Aditya Tandon (MSc Strategic Marketing)

For Sustainable Business Thinking

Responsible Investment Imperial; Julia Jager (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance), Marie-Adelaide Bullukian (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance), Jai Mallick (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance), Joshua Hope (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance), Paul Rous (Executive MBA)

For an Alumnus who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the Business School community, through volunteering and enhancing student experience and learning

  • Marketing Professional Interest Network; Tess Goldenberg (MSc Management), Laura Zambon (MSc Strategic Marketing), Alisa Pritchard (Full Time MBA)
  • Charilaos Sitzoglou (MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering)