What the Future

imper2020-intelligence-quote-message2-380-220-v1Imperial College Business School’s  brand campaign: ‘What the future?’ is content-led to demonstrate our thought leadership with the main objective to raise brand awareness amongst a primarily corporate audience. The campaign has been designed to use disruptive language and themes to achieve cut-through.

Campaign rationale

The aim of the campaign is to promote the Business School and raise awareness of our knowledge and expertise with a wider corporate audience.

Driven by a range of online and offline advertising, the campaign is intended to be bold and provocative by challenging people’s perceptions about the future of business.

We purposely decided to use disruptive language, in a series of questions around the word ‘future’ to grab people’s attention and challenge readers’ assumptions about the future of business, highlighting some of the global challenges being addressed at Imperial College Business School. The language reflects our core positioning – the idea that we are a disruptive presence and that we are thinking about the future now. The language used is also considered to be outside both the business and academic norm to disrupt and therefore ensure it is noticed.

Audience participation

The ‘What The Future’ title and #WhatTheFuture hashtag used in the campaign are intended to be eye-catching and playful and draw audiences into the discussion. People can interact with the content of the campaign by visiting the Business School’s website to read stories that showcase our expertise in a number of areas including:

  • Climate Change / renewable energy
  • Big data / business analytics
  • Financial stability
  • Business model innovation
  • Global healthcare

To read more, please visit IB Knowledge.

If you have any questions relating to the campaign itself, please contact Tim Ruthven, Head of Marketing Innovation at the Business School: t.ruthven@imperial.ac.uk