Co-Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board

Message from Joanne Linder,

Joanne Linder (MBA 1996)

August 2013

Dear Fellow Alumni,

One of the things I love about being involved with Imperial College Business School is that everyone has a story to tell. Our stories break down barriers. It does not matter where we are from or what we have done, we all chose to be in the same place and share the same intense experiences, often at the same time. It is through these stories that we discover the incredible diversity of experience, perspective and talent that is us, the alumni of Imperial College Business School.

We continue with those stories after graduation. For me, the MBA programme was the start of my entrepreneurial journey. Starting with the specialisation and business plan competition, I set up a number of businesses and now help others with the same. When I talk with my year group and ask them about their story we all have another thing in common; none of us could predict the direction that we have taken since and the choices that, when facing us, we all felt more confident to make.

When we hear each other’s stories we can relate to them, trust them. At a time when so many people compare their networks in terms of quantity, we can talk of quality. We have a common experience and understanding. This means that, however long it has been or diverse our backgrounds, we would always have time for a fellow alumnus.

The Alumni network only exists because of you and me. Wherever you are or whatever you are up to in life, being part of this trusted network gives real benefits professionally and personally. It is through the Alumni Advisory Board that our views, the alumni of Imperial College Business School, are heard and discussed.  This is our board of representatives, and I would like to thank the ever-increasing group of fellow alumni that attends it, in particular the previous co-chair, Andrew Robertson and the Alumni Relations Team for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

Do you think you have something to contribute? There are numerous ways you can take an active interest in the Alumni network; whether it’s a helping hand with your personal development, gaining an insight into current business challenges or making contact with alumni around the world.

So, take an active part and come and tell us your story, we’d love to hear it!

Joanne Linder (MBA 1996), 
Co-Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board, Imperial College Business School