Alok Gupta

Profile of Alok Gupta, MSc Mathematics and Finance 2006

Alok Gupta, made his way through the hallowed halls of Cambridge University before he came to Imperial College to study MSc Mathematics & Finance, the later part of which was studied at the Business School. Then adding to his already impressive CV Alok undertook a DPhil in Mathematical Finance, University of Oxford. Since then his professional life has taken him overseas with his career growing from strength to strength. He we talk to him about his journey so far and how his time at the College has helped:

Alok Gupta 4“After Mathematics at Cambridge I wanted to transition into Finance so decided to study financial mathematics. I also wanted to be in London to build connections in the city and take some courses at a Business School for networking. Imperial was the only choice for this. And it worked brilliantly since I did my Masters Thesis in conjunction with an internship at BNP Paribas, from whom I later got an offer.

After Imperial College I studied for a DPhil in Mathematical Finance at the University of Oxford. The programme at Imperial College was the key factor for getting through my interviews for the DPhil and also laying all the foundations for my subsequent technical job interviews in Finance.

If I were to give advice to any prospective student wanting to come to Imperial College I would say be prepared to work hard and you will benefit from being taught by some of the best lecturers in Europe. You will also be spoilt by the location of the School – in the heart of West London and steps away from Museums and the Parks.

My favourite memory of my time at the College was playing in the Hockey team – I loved training/matches after classes during the week. I especially miss the socials after the Wednesday matches at the Student Union in Beit Quad.

I am currently based in California and work as a Data Science Manager at Airbnb, I spend more of my time prioritising work and trying to plan ahead than actual technical statistical modelling! However, I do often have to dip back into this if an issue occurs and so one of the biggest challenges is being able to dive into a technical / coding problem faster.

Even though I am based abroad I still remain connected to the Imperial College alumni network.

Some of my best friends to this day are students I lived and studied with. Moreover, I regularly visit the School as an alumni and attend reunions in New York and California.

With the pace of change and new technologies advancing, especially in California, having this network keeps my finger on the pulse of new ideas. The California network is sprinkled pretty evenly through the Valley so provides a first view on the next big thing.”