Dr Bharat Vagadia – Executive MBA 2002

Governance Director is a software solution that provides real time insight into the implementation of business strategies within the enterprise, highlighting what is working, flagging risks the organisation is exposed to and revealing what is being done to improve enterprise performance. It removes the potential for unpleasant surprises that destabilise organisations, ensuring enterprise activities are aligned to the vision, performance is aligned with strategies and resources are aligned with risks. Our enterprise governance software platform helps implement strategic governance.

Key benefits:

  • Policy, process and control registries
  • Decision, risk and issue registries
  • Joint project and partner governance
  • Enterprise-wide oversight
  • Dashboards for strategic insight
  • Risk management across the enterprise
  • Support for third party audit
  • Visible individual accountability
  • Standardised decision making process
  • Automated alerts and reminders

A nimble enterprise governance solution
Integrated solution
 – A single solution for policy, process, decision and organisational risk management and compliance assurance.

Decision governance – A robust process for decision making with automated visual analytics, easy to track and monitor decisions made in any forum or setting. Allows for devolved ownership of actions and measurement of results or outcomes.

Risk governance – Easy for all staff to identify and manage risks locally in a consistent way. Ensures risks are aligned to the corporate objectives and draws attention to areas where obligations and aspirations might not be met. Allows organisations to assess the effectiveness of internal controls and quantify their impact on both reducing risk and ensuring that risks are being managed to an acceptable level.

Compliance governance – A comprehensive compliance application designed to address the reporting, self-assessment and evidence- gathering needs with reports and dashboards. The fail-safe way to ensure and demonstrate that audit and other recommendations are delivered.

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Website: www.GovernanceDirector.com
Entry last updated: 1 May 2012