Eduardo Florez – Full-Time MBA 2005

Social Enterprise created with the simple ethical idea of supporting coffee-growing communities in Colombia through selling an excellent product directly from them. We want to connect UK coffee lovers with the communities that make their coffee, and give them the opportunity to make an honest and positive difference to the world and enjoy good coffee at the same time.

Many coffee-growing communities in Colombia suffer from high levels of poverty and the associated problems of lack of education, health services and life opportunities. In addition, many are in areas that have been badly affected by violence and civil war, and some have had to leave their homes and livelihoods. We aim to use social media, art and photography to tell their stories.

Part of the profits are invested back into social projects working with coffee-growing communities.  Some of these projects are developed by local NGOs who have the knowledge and expertise. Some we have developed ourselves where we can see the need. For example, we are developing a project to work with street children in the Caribbean city of Cartagena. Cartagena is home to many families who have had to flee their homes due to violence, and often the children will make a thermos of coffee in the morning and spend their day selling espressos on the streets. We are working with families to ensure these children earn a decent wage for their work, and so can look to their future with dignity.

We truly believe that if people know more about the communities that make their coffee, and if they know that their purchase has made a positive difference to someone´s life, the coffee will taste even better.  Perhaps a last added ethical ingredient.

Contact details

Contact details
Sector: Coffee, Social Enterprise
Location: East Dulwich, London
Mobile: +44 (0) 7425 140 590
Entry last updated: 17 May 2013