Bianca Rangecroft - MSc Management 2015

Founded by Bianca Rangecroft, an ex-banker and climate activist, Whering is a young and disruptive fashion-tech company intent on changing the game in an area we’ve all struggled with: our wardrobe. Born out of UNLEASH, a global hackathon for the SDGs, Whering is focusing on the two parts of the value chain that consumers control: utilisation and purchasing, to bring back a culture of caring for our clothes and help to curb the astronomical waste created by the fashion industry. The app allows users to digitise their wardrobes, to better see and style what they own (as well as receive curated and sustainable product recommendations to fill wardrobe gaps). For more information, visit

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Sector: Fashion Tech
Location: London, UK
Business mobile: 077 840 80 985
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Instagram: @whering__