How students benefit

How students benefit

Merit-based scholarships give outstanding students further encouragement to take up their places at Imperial College Business School. For some recipients, it’s a huge relief; a chance to focus on achieving the best grades rather than worrying about how to finance their studies. While for others, it’s a valuable endorsement that will give them the platform to really excel. For all successful candidates, a scholarship award also delivers huge boost in confidence, especially when they know that alumni have played a part in supporting them.

A powerful gift

Prior to the launch of the Business School Scholarship Fund, there was no way for alumni to direct their gift specifically to our MBA and MSc students. This means that the scholarship recipients quoted here were all funded by the Business School. In the future, we will be able to decrease our support for scholarships and instead direct our resources into other vital areas such as research, faculty and facilities. In turn, this will help us to build on our reputation as Europe’s foremost research-led business school – which means your gifts are doubly valuable.

For more information on supporting the Imperial College Business School Scholarship Fund, please contact Heather Campbell on 020 7594 2949 or email.

Donate now

Winning a scholarship is an endorsement from a world-class university. My expectations were high as I entered the programme and fully met: the stimulating debates and the intense teamwork with my fellow students were transformative. I encourage everyone to contribute to the Scholarship Fund as it will enable others to enjoy a similar experience and help to develop the next cohort of future leaders.

I worked for two years before my Masters to save money but I still needed a scholarship to reach the required amount. I really believe that this contribution was essential in enabling me to come to Imperial, have an extremely rewarding year, achieve a career change, secure a job and set up my own business with two of my classmates. I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope that the scholarships continue so that more people can benefit from all that Imperial has to offer.