MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering 2013
MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering

Why I volunteer: Shahin Iraninejad, MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering 2013

Why did you first get involved in volunteering for the Business School?

When I was a student I benefited significantly from the support of volunteer alumni who were generously sharing their time, experience and knowledge with us. Back then, I made a promise to myself that I will do my best to find any opportunity to get involved and contribute back to the Business School and return the favour to the next generation of the students.

What did you get out of it?

It’s an amazing experience coming back to the School as a volunteering alumnus. I got the chance to meet up with very talented and insightful students. Also, I got to expand my network through meeting up with other alumni from other years and programmes. To be honest, when I was an RMFE student and studying my courses, I had barely anytime to hang out with people of other programmes, so these volunteering opportunities are helping me to balance that out.

Why do you think it is important?

To me it is very simple. We are constantly benefiting and getting credit from the Imperial brand throughout our life post-College. So, I think it is my responsibility to contribute to the strength of this brand by all means; one of which is helping the next generation of students to be more successful at their studies and getting into the job market.

I view this give and take (sharing of time, experience and knowledge) between students and alumni as a splendid and productive culture which nourishes and flourishes the Imperial College Business School brand.

I think as an alumnus I am well positioned to understand what students are going through. Considering that I have gone through a similar process myself, I feel that i can understand and help students by sharing my experience on how to successfully navigate the whole 12 months of the programme.

Why would you recommend volunteering to others?

I believe what makes Imperial an outstanding and well-known institution is the people; including the network of alumni (of 190,000 people, 14,000 of which are Business Shcool alumni), current students (of 16,000+) and the faculty and staff members.

I think if anyone wants to benefit from such an extravagant  network, they should proactively maintain their connection to the source (Imperial) and getting involved  in volunteer activities is one of the easiest one. You don’t necessarily need to be here in London to volunteer, you can help from wherever you are based over the globe. If you are willing to help there are numerous ways and alumni team can help you find the best that suits you and your conditions.

MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering 2013
I view this sharing of time, experience and knowledge between students and alumni as a splendid and productive culture which nourishes and flourishes the Business School brand