On 1 March we are calling on our community around the world to take part in a 36 hour Global Give to raise vital funds for students in need. 

Unfortunately due to continued effects from COVID-19 and the current cost of living crisis, many students are struggling. Balancing studying with the pressure of paying bills can be overwhelming, and mean that some don’t get to complete the course they worked so hard to get on to.

Every donation you give will help change lives and inspire brilliant minds. Today’s Business School students are tomorrow’s leaders, lifesavers and problem-solvers. The world faces complex, intractable challenges. By supporting, you are nurturing the bright minds who will shape the future and care for our world.

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IB Students

Set up a regular gift

Regular gifts are important to the College and allow us to plan ahead. You can support what matters most to you through a monthly, quarterly or annual gift.
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Make a single gift

You can support the Student Support Fund or where the need is greatest through a single gift and have an impact on the College and its students.
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"My life at Imperial has been so much more simplified and I can really focus on what I need to. It’s made such a huge difference having that foundation in place where you know you can study however many hours a day and you know your accommodation is secure and paid for."
Prabsahib Gill
MSc Finance student
Prabsahib Gill
IB Students

Become an ambassador! 

We are looking for ambassadors to maximise the reach of our first ever IB Global Give. By sharing messages about the day with your network on social media, you can help us to raise as much money as we can to support student hardship.

Please get in touch with us to hear more about becoming an official IB Global Give Ambassador by emailing alumni-business@imperial.ac.uk

How can I help?

  • Use pre-made content from our ambassador pack and share with your network on social media using the hashtag #IBGlobalGive
  • Create your own videos explaining what it means to you to be part of the Imperial College Business School community
  • Share your career insights to help current students

This campaign’s success relies on galvanizing our alumni community to give back. You’ll become a champion for the much needed causes this campaign is helping to support such as students experiencing hardship. Now, more than ever your support is needed to ensure our students can focus on their studies.  

"I have fond memories of studying at Imperial, and with the help from the Business School Careers team I found a graduate job in the specialised domain that I dreamed of getting in. When I started my graduate job, I felt it was time to contribute back to the College."
Xia Chen
Alumnus and donor
Xia Chen