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Staying Connected

Keep in touch with the Alumni team and your extended alumni network through our dedicated social media channels.

LinkedIn Groups

Regional groups
As part of the LinkedIn Alumni Network there are seven regional groups you can join to help you identify alumni in your region:

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be accepted into the main group before you can join these  regional groups. To be accepted you need to be a student or alumnus of one of the Business School Programmes.

Sector-specific group
The LinkedIn Alumni Network hosts a number of sector-specific groups to help alumni from similar industries and sectors network with each other.

  • Imperial Women’s Network – this group is for alumni from Imperial College, Imperial College Business School alumni and friends interested in advancing women’s leadership in business.

These groups are open to all:

Business School Pages

Why not also check out the social media run by the Business School?

If you have any questions about the social media pages contact the alumni team on or call Celia Pearce on +(0)20 7594 0825