Alumni Student Recruitment

Recruitment fairs – UK & International

Prospective students really value the opportunity to meet alumni during information sessions and international recruitment fairs. You can play an important role in building the Business School’s reputation by ensuring that we attract the right people to the programme.

Admissions and programme staff attend Business School recruitment fairs around the world, and are always delighted to have local alumni join them to speak to prospective students about attending the Business School.

Typical questions alumni are asked at fairs

  • How challenging was the programme?
  • What was study and life like at the Business School and in London?
  • Have you changed career following your programme?
  • How did your study at the Business School impact of your career path?
  • Why did you choose to study a Business School MSc/MBA programme?
  • What support did you get from the Business School throughout the programme?
  • Why did you choose Imperial Business School over other Schools?

If you are able to give a few hours of your time at any of the recruitment events please email us.

Please note Distance Learning MBA programme alumni are unable to volunteer at fairs as this programme is no longer offered by the Business School.

Alumni from year 2011 onwards are encouraged for this role.

Information sessions/Admit weekends – Campus Based

By attending information sessions and admit events for students you can play an important role in building the Business School’s reputation by ensuring that we attract the right people to our programmes.

Alumni volunteering at information sessions and admit events will involve discussing your experience at the Business School and in London during an informal question and answer session followed by a networking reception with prospective students, other alumni and faculty.

Online Information Sessions

Information sessions are held online as well as on-campus for our international applicants.  This means they easily fit around work commitments and give international alumni the opportunity to get involved. Alumni will be required to dial into an online session with a member of Staff and the Careers Team and talk for a short time on their experience.  You maybe required to answer any questions from students.

For a list of upcoming sessions that need alumni see Information Session page. It also includes dates, times and locations.

Prospective student query requests

Wherever you are in the world you can help the Business School answer queries from students considering Imperial Business School. Often students want to talk to alumni who have taken a similar path to them. Could you let them know about your experiences, your journey and where you are now?

These are mostly conducted over email, but alumni have helped students in the past with face to face meetings and over the telephone.

To find out more about being a prospective student volunteer email