Country Representative Volunteer

Wherever in the world you may be living or working, there are excellent opportunities for you to volunteer for the Business School and provide help and support for student and alumni near you. We recommend this role for areas where Imperial has a good number of alumni. This means not every country or city can have this role, however we will work with you to see what we can do.

Key responsibilities

Country Representatives are a point of contact for other alumni in their country.  They also provide help and advice for students and alumni planning to return or relocate to the country they represent.

Representatives with higher numbers of Business School alumni in their country are encouraged to form closer links through physical meetings and social events.

One off event

We can work with you to hold a one off event in your country as opposed to committing to an ongoing role.

Working with Imperial College Regional Groups

Country Representatives may need to join an existing Imperial College London geographical group where Business School alumni numbers are low which will involve a mixture of faculties. This will enable you to be part of a group that can hold events.

To see that groups Imperial College London has already see the Regional Groups page

If you have any questions about representing your country or joining a group, email us on