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Professor Mike Wright

Professor Mike Wright

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Professor Mike Wright has been Professor of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College Business School since 2011. He is also the Director of the School’s Centre for Management Buy-Out Research.

Prior to joining Imperial, he had been Professor of Financial Studies at Nottingham University Business School since 1989.

Professor Wright has written over 40 books and more than 300 papers in academic and professional journals on management buy-outs, venture capital, habitual entrepreneurs, academic entrepreneurs, and related topics. He served two terms as an editor of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, was a joint editor of the Journal of Management Studies, and is Editor Elect of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

He is a member of the BVCA Research Advisory Group, holds an honorary doctorate from Ghent University, and was ranked number one in the world for publications in academic entrepreneurship.

Published articles

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Professor Mike Wright | 28 January 2019

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