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Are you considering applying to Imperial’s Full-Time MBA?

Admission to Imperial’s Full-Time MBA is competitive, and we understand that the application process can seem daunting. In this article we’ve put together some tips to help you make your application stand out.

You can apply for the Full-Time MBA through our online application system. The form asks you to provide details about yourself, your career, your educational history, and your goals. Filling out this information takes careful consideration as you will want to make sure your application highlights everything that makes you an outstanding candidate.

What should you prepare for your application?

Preparation is key when applying for the Full-Time MBA at Imperial. The application process requires you to complete several sections before you can submit. Key parts of the application that require time and attention to detail include the:

Career planning questions

The career planning questions present an opportunity to show how you think Imperial’s Full-Time MBA will support you in achieving your future career aspirations. You will need to write about the sector you are interested in working in, your ideal employer, role and country. This requires research, reviewing job specifications for potential roles and researching employers that you may want to work for. Giving yourself time to consider your answers and really think about what you want to achieve will show our Admissions Team that you know how a Full-Time MBA will truly benefit you and your career.

Personal statement

Your personal statement is an opportunity to tell us more about yourself, your motivation for undertaking the programme, and how you plan to use your MBA to make a positive impact.

We encourage you to be authentic, and don’t simply write what you think we want to hear. We value diversity and we want to find out what you would contribute to the cohort and the Imperial community.

It’s a good idea to ask a friend or mentor to proofread your statement before you apply. This will help to ensure that you are presenting your skills and strengths in the best way possible.

 Finessing your CV

Uploading your CV is a crucial part of your application. It is important to keep it simple and use a clear format. You should use your CV to highlight professional and academic experience, extracurricular activities, and international experience. You should try to keep your CV to one side of A4, and definitely no more than two.

One of the things we are looking for is evidence of career progression, so make sure you highlight any promotions or increases in level of responsibility.

It’s a good idea to focus on your impact and achievements in each role, rather than simply listing responsibilities.

Find out more

You can learn more about the Full-Time MBA and studying at Imperial by attending one of our information sessions or webinars. They will give you an opportunity to get more insight into the programme and ask us any questions you have. Register for an upcoming event to meet our Recruiment team and ask any questions you have about the programme or studying at Imperial.


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