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Completing a master’s programme is a big investment of your time and money, so deciding which programme to apply to can be daunting. While many of our applicants will have a clear future plan mapped out, we know that some will have to make a tough decision, especially as some of our programmes do not allow you to select a second choice programme within the Business School.

Therefore, firstly you need to be aware of which programmes allow second choices. Programmes within the Finance suite, and MSc Economics & Strategy for Business, allow you to indicate a first and second preference. Second choices are permitted within these programmes as there is overlap in programme content and candidates’ career aspirations.  Additionally, if you are choosing between MSc Business Analytics and MSc Business Analytics Online, you can select one as your first choice and the other as your second choice.

However, if you are deciding between our other Management or Specialised master programmes, you are not able to apply for another Business School programme as a second choice. Therefore, it is essential that you consider your choice carefully to ensure that the programme you choose to apply for best matches your strengths, interests and career aspirations. Below are a few tips to help you make this important decision:

How much do you know about the programme?

Firstly, familiarise yourself with the programme content on our website. While some of our MSc programmes have similarities, each programme is unique, and some are particularly niche. Look carefully at the modules involved and how much they interest you. Knowing the programme content well will also be helpful when trying to convince the selection committee that you are a right fit for the programme!

Additionally, if you are considering programmes within the Finance suite, our students are required to have a high level of quantitative skills. You can take our online test to determine if you are suitable to apply for one of our Finance programmes (this test only applies to candidates considering the MSc Finance, MSc Investment & Wealth Management and MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering programmes).

Does the programme fit with your career aspirations?

In the application form, we ask a number of questions relating to your career goals (click here for details). While the selection committee will use these questions to help assess your suitability for the programme, planning your answers can be a great way to get you thinking about whether the programme you are applying for will help you access the career opportunities you’re seeking. While these questions can be challenging for someone who does not have a clear career plan, it will force you to really think about your longer term goals and how the MSc fits with these. You may also wish to check our employment report for each programme to see what types of roles/companies our graduates secure jobs in and whether this fits with your own ambitions. Remember, these questions aren’t there to catch you out and we are aware that your plans may change during your time at the Business School!  

Have you connected with anyone at the Business School?

We hold regular information sessions where you can meet our Recruitment and Admissions staff as well as current students, alumni, Programme Directors, and other potential candidates who may be facing a similar dilemma to you! If you are not based in the UK, there are many opportunities to meet with us globally, or online. You can find out if anything is happening near you here.

You are also welcome to contact our current student ambassadors for your programme of interest. While the Admissions and Recruitment staff are always happy to help, the Student Ambassadors can give you a unique insight into what it is really like to study on the programme. To find out who they are and how to contact them, check the ‘Our Community’ section of each programme page on the website.

Have all of your questions been answered?

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us with further questions if none of the above has helped you decide! Successful applicants will be able to clearly demonstrate their passion for the programme and why it is the right choice for them. Therefore, it is far better to do a bit more research before you submit your application, as once it is submitted you will not be able to apply for a different Business School programme that academic year.

Best of luck with your application!


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