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Enter Imperial College Business School on a weekday evening and there will be a range of different events in process, ranging from those for prospective students, current students, and also for our alumni.

Shortly we will be kicking off our spring calendar of on-campus information sessions! For these events, we mix presentations with semi structured Q&A sessions followed by more casual networking over food and drinks. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to gain specific course information from faculty members, as well as having the opportunity to ask both alumni, and the admissions and recruitment teams questions.

For us, these sessions are a great opportunity to finally meet some of the names we have been emailing over the last few months. The information sessions give us a chance to get a better idea of you as an applicant, instead of just what we can read on paper. Alternatively, for prospective students, it’s a really good way to see if the Business School and programme is a good fit for you. It’s a great way to meet current students and alumni as well as see who your fellow classmates could be if you joined one of our programmes.

In order to maximise your evening, we’ve got some pointers:

Preparing for your visit

Come prepared with questions – we want to help!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions to our alumni as well as admissions and recruitment teams. However, please remember that if it’s a complex issue we may not be able to give you a full response on the night, but we will give you an answer as soon as we can!

On the day

The one question we constantly get asked about information sessions is “what should I wear?” and the answer is simple – whatever you feel comfortable in! If you get an offer for a Business School programme then there will be times when you will want to dress more formally but this isn’t a requirement for everyday or for information sessions. That said, we realise that this is what some people will want to wear or will be wearing if they’re coming straight from work. 

If you can, arrive early and take a walk around our campus and/or have a drink in one of our student cafes or bars.

This will enable you to see what your life at Imperial College Business School could really be like and visit the facilities that we have available such as Ethos Sports Centre (full time students get free gym access!) and the Central Library, in a more relaxed atmosphere. You can find a map of the South Kensington campus here. Eastside bar is a firm favourite with the admissions and recruitment teams!

If you can’t arrive early then ensure that you arrive on time and stay for the networking.

This may sound obvious, but some people arrive after the session has started and/or leave as soon as the main talks have ended. We understand that some people will have to travel to attend, but we ask that you please aim to arrive on time as arriving late means attendees fail to maximise all of the opportunities to learn more about who we are and sometimes ask questions that have already been covered in detail in the section that they missed.

During your visit

Use the time before the talks start to network with others.

The printed material will still be available for you to read on your journey home, the people will not – use the time well! We encourage you to use the networking that follows the session to connect with fellow applicants.

Speak to the admissions, recruitment and programme teams.

The events also give you a chance to meet with the teams who will assess your application, answer your phone calls, reply to your emails, and ultimately manage your student experience if you do join us. First impressions count!


If you are unable to attend an on-campus information session, don’t worry, we also hold webinars where you can have a similar experience from a distance!

Similar to the on-campus sessions, the webinars will begin with a presentation about the programme, and will be followed be a Q&A session. This is a good opportunity for anyone who is unable to make the trip to London for the on-campus information session to be able to ask any questions you might have regarding your programme of interest.

Find out when the next on-campus information sessions and webinars are taking place for your chosen programme – we look forward to meeting you!

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