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The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a core part of the business school admissions process for entry onto an MBA programme. The skills and confidence you learn to get a good GMAT score are the skills that will prepare you to become successful as an MBA student and in business.

We know it can be daunting so we’ve put together a short list of useful resources with practical help and ideas for success on the GMAT. We’ve also asked our students who’ve scored 700+ to share their recommendations to get the most out of the test preparation.

Use this list to springboard your preparation for the GMAT and don’t forget that you can connect with a member of our Recruitment or Admissions team at any point of your application process.

Preparing for the GMAT

So you’ve made the decision to go to business school. What’s next? To prepare for the GMAT make a study plan that fits to your time frame, whether that’s three months or one year. There’s lots of advice on how to study for the GMAT, including our own hints and tips for getting a good GMAT score.

Putting an action plan in place for GMAT preparation will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to sit the GMAT, increase your score, and study the MBA at a business school of your choice.

“Practice, practice and practice. The more practice questions you do, the more comfortable you get with the format of questions and the topics they cover,” Full-Time MBA alumna Leila Azimova says.

Take steps not to lose your sanity. Full-Time MBA student Helen Jones says, “The hardest part was regulating my own stress. The best way I could do that was to maintain my schedule. If I worked through some quality revision every day it was easier to calm my nerves.”

“Spending an hour in the gym, either in the morning or between two study slots would help me relieve stress,” says Devanshi Shah, another Full-Time MBA student. “Find that one thing that helps to refresh you and improve your energy and focus.”

Plan in advance if you’re balancing preparation with a full-time job or family. Devanshi says, “I took some time off before the test but before that I would fit in an hour or two daily.”

“I practiced every single day for five weeks, even if I was only able to fit in 20 minutes,” adds Helen.

Don’t let a lack of confidence hold you back on test day. Whether it’s listening to a Ted talk or something more unconventional, discover what you need to keep your confidence up when preparing and taking the test.

Taking the GMAT

Plan for your test day in advance by brushing up on the official advice. “I familiarised myself with the format of the GMAT test and purchased the official GMAT Guide books,” Leila says. “They explained the theory and had tips for exam preparation and lots of practice test questions.”

Our Head of Admissions, Crystal Grant, explains common GMAT myths. If it helps, use this guide from Poets and Quants to break down the ideal routine for the night before and GMAT test day.

“On the day of my GMAT,” Devanshi says, “I had eight hours of sleep to keep fresh throughout the paper. I also worked out for an hour to rejuvenate my mind and body. Everyone has their own set of things that work and I would advise you to give some time to that in order to de-stress and better focus on the test.”


If you’re still in the research phase, make it a productive period by taking our certified edX course. The course includes modules on Finance or Data Analysis which will be an asset to your CV. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself some tough questions. Take some time to think about if you’re ready to make a change to your career and whether you should.

To sum up

Prepare for a process that will train you to get creative with problem solving whilst at the same time sharpening your analytic and reasoning skills to make important decisions. Full-Time MBA alumna Wenxiao Chen says, “For me, taking the GMAT was more of a learning process than an exam. It helped me to develop key business skills, such as critical thinking, integrated reasoning, and precise writing, which have benefited me in my MBA studies and beyond.”

If you would like to discuss the test, your score or seek support, our Recruitment team will be happy to help. Simply request a profile review to connect with us


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