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The Business School was delighted to host an evening of celebration, networking and career inspiration for recent graduates (21 February 2017).  The evening was designed to help encourage career aspirations, allow alumni to network as well as hearing updates from the School.

Kicking off the proceedings Estelle Wackermann, Head of Business & Offer Development, Wolff Olins and Business School Advisory Board member, gave an inspirational presentation about her career journey, which has taken her from Alsace, to Paris and now to London.

She suggested a simple five-step process to finding the right career path and achieving career goals:

  1. Grow into yourself – be you! This means allowing yourself to be stretched, as it helps you grow
  2. Ask more questions – you will learn more
  3. Look for the awkward – find the unexpected and surprising moments in yourself and others that can be easily overlooked
  4. Take time to consolidate – pause in your career, take stock and reflect on where you are and where you want to be
  5. Have fun – choose something you are good at, that you have a connection with and that you enjoy

The floor was then opened up to a panel of four Business School alumni who offered their experiences and advice on career resilience, personal brand in the workplace and how to create impact, and enrich your career.

The speakers were:

  • David Keene (Executive MBA 2012), Global Head Sales Enablement, Google
  • Mathilda Nathan (MSc Management 2011), Head of International Supply Strategy, Deliveroo
  • Vinay Solanki (Full-Time MBA 2006), Head of Commercial Growth Fund, Channel 4
  • Sheridan Ash (Full-Time MBA 2002), PwC, UK Technology and Investments Director and Women in Technology Leader

The panel was chaired by Sarmini Ghosh, a Careers Consultant at the Business School, who asked the alumni to share examples of demonstrating career resilience and their advice on facing the current uncertain times in business. The key points from this discussion were to be flexible and adaptable, focus on relationship building and sell your unique skills. Personal brand was a theme that came up several times, with the advice being to find your USP, position yourself correctly and also understand the company you are trying to work for, what they are looking for and how you and your brand fit with this.

The panel gave their tops tips on impressing at interviews, which included:

  • Be authentic
  • Be passionate and a good story teller
  • Be true to yourself
  • Bring fresh ideas
  • Stand out and be different from other
  • Be relevant and positive

Sheridan’s thoughts on how to create impact in a current role were:

Head down, doing a good job won’t get you noticed. Make sure people know what you do and network. Make your value to the company known.
Sheridan Ash
Full-Tim MBA 2002
Sheridan Ash

David Keene finished with some sounds advice for our recent graduates: “Be yourself and be true to yourself. If you are doing something you don’t like, leave. Do something you like – you have the power to change it.”

The event finished with a networking opportunity, offering attendees the chance to quiz the panel members and speakers in more detail.

You can view photos from the event here. And to make sure you are sent details of relevant events, please ensure you contact details are up-to-date.

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