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After reading our posts on Kara and Kevin and how they manage to maintain a work/life/study balance while juggling family, work and studies, you’ll know effective time-management skills play an absolutely vital part.

It can seem like 24 hours in a day isn’t nearly enough when you’re rushing to make the train to work while preparing the kids for school, working to meet a project deadline while having to attend back-to-back meetings, and finally rushing to make the train back home in time for a decent night’s sleep to be able to do it all again the next day.

Add studies to the equation, and free time would seem an unaffordable luxury to a busy professional.

But rather than being seen as another demand on your time, can online MBA studies actually help to boost time-management skills in the workplace?

We spoke to Imperial Global Online MBA students to get their thoughts.

Peace Ani – Head of Operational Risk, Brit Insurance

Head of Operational Risk for a market-leading global insurance company, Peace Ani says time-management skills are essential in her line of work.

“With a number of projects and deliverables running simultaneously, it’s important to have good time-management skills,” she says.

“Time is somewhat of a commodity. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day, or so it seems, to achieve all our goals and objectives.”

But despite the added demands on her time, Peace says her time-management skills have actually improved since commencing her online MBA studies, even helping her gain a promotion at work.

“As a result of the time commitment required, I’ve become more efficient with my time, rationalising and careful to make the most of any time, be it on the train, waiting in queue, or during lunch breaks. The cumulative effect of the odd five or 10 minutes here and there can really make a difference,” she explains.

“In order to stay on track with both my MBA and work objectives and deliverables, I’ve had to plan weeks and months in advance how to best allocate my time and juggle around deadlines, as I don’t have the luxury of surplus time. In fact, I was recently promoted at work partly as a result of my efficient execution of a key deliverable. In this particular instance, I needed to reach a key milestone within a three-to-six-month window, however because the timeframe overlapped with end-of-term submissions and exams preparation, I prioritised and completed the specific task ahead of the deadline – within two months – in order to better manage the imminent coursework deadlines and group work.”

Avi Aronovitz – Chief Financial Officer, Knowledge Delivery Systems

Imperial Global Online MBA student Avi Aronovitz

Chief Financial Officer for a venture-backed education technology company and father-of-four, Avi Aronovitz adamantly agrees that time-management skills are essential in the workplace.

“Time-management skills are critical for any executive. I have a pretty demanding job and a family. It’s a definite juggle!” he says.

“At times, time-management can be a challenge – preparing for a board meeting, completing a capital raise, before and after taking some time off.”

But Avi concurs with Peace that his online MBA studies have helped improve his time-management skills in the workplace, and, indeed, in life in general.

“Taking on the Global Online MBA, and the need to spend 15 hours a week on it, on average, is a definite catalyst for improving one’s time-management skills in the workplace and in all aspects of life,” Avi says.

“I generally get into the office relatively early in the morning, and my online MBA studies have made me even more focussed on completing what I need to and leaving the office a bit earlier than I was used to in the past, when possible. In general, I’m ruthless about prioritising, not just my own but also corporate priorities – a sure recipe for failure is to try to do too much.  I also waste very little time during the workday. There are only so many hours in the week, and I need to constantly balance between family, work and school.”

Peace Ani and Avi Aronovitz are currently studying the Global Online MBA programme offered through Imperial College Business School.

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