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Who are we and what do we do?

You will no doubt have seen our names pop up in your inbox as we send you details of alumni events, news or alumni updates. You may have spoken to us on the phone or met us at an event. But who are your Alumni Relations Team and more importantly how can we support you make the most of your alumni community. 

Erin Hallett, Head of Alumni Relations

How alumni can benefit from the network?

Our alumni have the benefit of joining both the Business School and the Imperial College London network when they graduate. This means alumni join a successful, global community of nearly 200,000 individuals!

I think the best way alumni can benefit is to stay engaged with their former classmates and the Business School, but also expand their network to include fellow alumni with the same interests or that live in the same region.

Staying connected to the Business School means you will be first to know about our news – everything from our success in rankings, to our world-class research, to our alumni events. Volunteering is another great way to benefit, and share your experience with our students and young graduates. 

How can students benefit from the alumni network?

We have a brilliant, engaged alumni network that supports our students across their entire journey. I think students should take every opportunity they can to engage with our alumni during their studies and our team can support these connections. Alumni are always happy to support students by sharing their experience and strengthening their professional networks. They often tell us what a rewarding experience it is to talk to students.    

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

There is no doubt that the best part of my role is meeting alumni. I love hearing about their personal and professional successes, and helping them stay connected to the Business School in way that is meaningful to them. I have also been lucky to travel and meet our alumni around the world – from Toronto to Dubai to Singapore. It’s always a privilege to visit alumni in their home countries and hear what brought them to the Business School. I am surrounded by a brilliant community at the Business School and this makes every day exciting and different.

Hazel Morgan

Hazel Morgan, Alumni Relations Executive

In what ways can current students benefit from the alumni network?

As a student, it is really beneficial to connect with alumni to understand what it is like on your programme, to talk to someone who has taken the exams and attended the same lectures. They understand what it is like and nothing is as valuable as that. In the future as your career develops, you might move to a new country or change sector and the alumni network can also provide advice and support through these changes. 

What is your top tip to students on connecting with alumni?

Do some research on the LinkedIn Business School page using keyword search and then come to our team with a clear picture of who you want to connect with and why.

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

I love running events, especially when the audience really engage with the subject. It is great to see an event where we can’t stop the questions coming!

Ruairi McEvoy

Ruairi McEvoy, Alumni Volunteering and Database Executive

How alumni can benefit from the network?

Alumni seeking a career change can benefit from tapping into the diverse and talented Business School alumni network, with many useful contacts to be made at leading organisations in major industries. Get in touch with our team for help in expanding your network or utilise Plexus, the online alumni platform solely for graduates of all faculties at Imperial College London.

What advice would you give students on connecting with alumni?

Most alumni tell us that they are very happy to hear from students on LinkedIn but, when it comes to ‘cold calling’ on there, it is crucial to properly introduce yourself and explain what help you need when sending the connection request. You can also use our Student Contact Request Form, or email our team.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The favourite aspect of my role would be sourcing alumni to speak at our student focused events throughout the year. Whether it’s alumni speaking with new students as part of induction week or careers talks and recruitment events, it’s always very heartening to see how many of our alumni are generous with their time and passionate advocates of the Business School. Read more about volunteering and register your interest. 

Celia Pearce, Alumni Communications Executive

How can alumni make the most of the alumni network?

The more you put in, the more you will get out. Alumni have used the network effectively to share knowledge through blogs and on social media, connecting with people at events and via Plexus, supporting students and other alumni with advice and guidance. I often find it is these alumni who are most successful and for who opportunities arise. And when they ask for help, people are more willing to support them in return. 

What is the best way for alumni to connect with each other?

Our global reach means we have alumni in nearly every country. Connect with them via Plexus, or LinkedIn, and keep up with the latest news on Facebook and Twitter. Or connect with alumni who work in the same sector as you through our Professional Interest Networks. Never miss an alumni bulletin with alumni updates by ensuring we have your correct contact details.  

Imperial also have a network of international alumni groups you can connect with, wherever you are in the world.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I love hearing about, and sharing, alumni success stories and that could be anything from getting the job promotion, to starting a business, to reconnecting with a former classmate at a reunion or just a great piece of press coverage. Our alumni community is full of brilliant minds, so it is great to see them succeed and achieve their goals. 

Jennifer Victor-Smith

Jennifer Victor-Smith, Alumni Relations and Database Coordinator

How alumni can benefit from the network?
Take advantage of all the benefits available to alumni from social to professional development events, to discounts on further learning opportunities including Executive Education, our Imperial evening classes, current electives courses and MBA programmes. You can still access the campus (in non-COVID times of course) to use the library, sport facilities and even the student bar!

How can students and alumni connect with the wider alumni community?
We are always happy to help make introductions for you to the wider alumni community. I recommend always having a clear picture of who you want to connect with and why - this could be to learn more about a sector, or a company, or even a country if you are relocating. Make make sure to write a friendly, polite opening message, with a clear ask. 

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

My favourite aspect of the role is connecting students/alumni with alumni for careers/interview/startup advice. Our alumni are really engaged and happy to help out their fellow students which is really nice to see.