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We held the IB Careers X Accenture China event on last month which attracted 200+ Student attendees. Speakers included Wayne Xu, Managing Director; Cynthia Cao, Campus Recruitment Lead; and one of our Business School Alumni who is a Consulting Analyst at Accenture China.

The event included 2 parts – one a campus recruitment talk, another was a live interview! 

Four students from the Business School were selected, three of the Students received the GREEN PASS to accelerate their interview process – they will be invited to attend the Assessment Centre (final round) directly.

The Interview

The three students performed brilliantly to get the GREEN PASS but lets hear what it was like from them:

How did you prepare for the live interview?

Many thanks to the Career team, candidates were able to attend interview training from professionals invited by the Careers, which was individually tailored. We learnt a lot about how to do an impressive and professional self-introduction, how to be a good story-teller, and how to stand out in the Q&A session. The training was super helpful! - Zeyang

I used STAR method to prepare my experience, which makes the story sounds more appealing and convincing - Yifan

Practice, practice and practice. Before this event I have conducted nearly 30 interviews (including group interviews and 1:1 interviews), so I always believe practice makes things perfect - Ruoning

What key skill helped you to get the GREEN PASS?

You need a good understanding of your target position and be able to demonstrate how you match with own skills. My edge stems from my cross-sectional background of Technology and Business. Therefore I focused on the Digital and Tech Consulting direction. I also think genuineness is important. Believe and trust in yourself - Zeyang

Communication and Presentation skills. Since the interview is very short and only focuses on behavioural questions, I think what made me stand out was that I made good interactions with the interviewers - Yifan

I think the most important thing is to be a good storyteller. Making your story attractive can arouse HR's interest in you - Ruoning

What is the key takeaway from this event/interview? 

Be active and seek every opportunity. I noticed this event by chance and applied with zero expectation that I would get the chance to interview - Zeyang

Be familiar with your CV. Conduct research for the company and think about why you are a good fit for the company - Yifan

Being a Consultant means being Hungry, Curious and always Passionate about trying everything. That's what I learnt from the partner's career path - Ruoning

What suggestions would you give to your classmates who may receive similar opportunities like this in the future? 

Contact our Careers team. Many thanks to Tara and Xiaobei, they are all super Professional and Helpful. You won't regret talking with them.  Also keep a positive mindset. No matter what's the result, it's a very precious learning opportunity - Zeyang

Personal branding is a really important part that contributes to a successful interview. Be a good storyteller of yourself and practice until you feel confident - Ruoning

Tara He, Head of Employer Relations, APAC


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