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September marks the start of a new term and the arrival of hundreds of new students ready to challenge and explore the realms of business at Imperial. The start of the month also marked the opportunity for Business School staff to come together and reflect on the past academic year. Hosted by Anand G Anandaligam, Dean of the Business School, staff celebrated the 2014-2015 academic year via the announcement of winners of the Dean’s Awards for Excellence as well as the newly launched Dean’s Community Award and Teaching Excellence Awards.

“The awards provide a chance for our community to come together and celebrate the truly excellent work happening at our School. I wish to congratulate our winners, and thank all our students and staff for the many and varying ways in which you support our School community,” said Dean Anand at the award ceremony.

The 2015 Dean’s Awards for Excellence nominees are shortlisted by the School’s Management board and Programme Directors, with winners selected by the Dean. The Awards highlight staff members for excellence within the School in areas that directly contribute to our vision and mission. Winners recognised for this year’s awards are as follows:

Media Engagement
     – Professor Jonathan Haskel – recognised for his proactive media and social media presence.The Fusion of Business and Technology
     – Education Technology Unit – for their work on the Online MBA learning platform and spearheading the launch of our digital campus.

The Power of Innovative Thinking
     – Zaneta Motkowicz – for her innovative ideas that have translated into new formats for our career workshops.
     – Professor Kalyan Talluri and Julian Sikondari – for their pioneering work to connect corporates and students on the MSc Business Analytics course.

Inspiring Brilliant Minds
     – Lisa Umenyiora – recognising her work to re-shape the MSc Finance programme, and the introduction of the MSc Investment& Wealth Management and MSc Finance & Accounting programmes.

Sustainable Business Thinking
     – Dr Mirabelle Muûls – for her work on sustainable business, in particular, her work on renewables and the launch of the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance programme.

Winners of the 2015 Teaching Excellence Awards were nominated by our student community. The awards celebrate excellence in teaching, and recognise faculty who, in different ways, have had a positive impact on our students in 2014-15. Winners were announced as per the categories below:

Anne, Wolfram and Jonathan

Innovation in Teaching
     – Marisa Miraldo

MSc Core Module Teaching
     – Anne ter Wal
     – Wolfram Wiesemann
     – Omar Merlo
     – Jonathan Pinto

Teaching Large Classes
     – Andreas Eisingerich

PhD Supervision
     – Harjoat Bharma
     – Marcin Kacperczyk

Our students shape our community in many ways – from taking the initiative by setting up study groups and socials, to supporting and inspiring their peers. 2015 was the first year of the Dean’s Community Awards, which aim to recognise and celebrate excellence in student leadership. Winners and categories are as below:

The Power of Innovative Thinking

     – Chris Cheung, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business
     – Jonathan Lai, MSc Finance

Sustainable Business Thinking
     – Pedro Lopes, Global MBA

Improving Society
     – Mikhaila Chowdhury, MSc International Health Management
     – Lauren Dikerson, Full-time MBA

Inspiring Brilliant Minds
     – Elaine Shi, Doctoral Programme
     – Sandeep Kumar, Full-time MBA

Pioneering Practical Solutions
     – Phil Jarman, Full-time MBA


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