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Imperial College Business School is renowned for our expertise in innovation and technology. So it should come as no surprise that our Full-Time MBA launches graduates into careers at the most sought-after technology giants and startups.

This year, many of our Full-Time MBA graduates are entering the technology sector. This is a growing trend that has been recognised by our Employer Relations Team, who have seen increasing interest from tech firms in hiring our MBA students.

According to MBA CSEA, “2017 marked the 5th consecutive year that Tech MBA recruiting increased more than all other industries…Technology is also the #1 growing industry for MBA Internship recruiting.”

We have 44% females in this year’s Full-Time MBA class of 2017-18, many of which will enter the technology industry. We speak to three of our graduating female Full-Time MBA students who have secured jobs at Microsoft, Amazon and Google to find out how the Imperial MBA helped them secure incredible jobs in technology.

We hear from employers that they expect to see this only grow year on year. As organisations and job roles continue to evolve we have seen growth in interest in students with skills and experience in Analytics and Big Data, Digitalisation and FinTech.
Imperial is an obvious choice to many of these tech recruiters, given our reputation as a STEM university and the quality of our MBA students.
Sarah Ranchev-Hale
Associate Director, Employer Relations
Staff member Karen Tweddle

Tatiana Arventi – Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“I am looking forward to join Microsoft as a Partner Marketing Manager within the Productivity and Business Processes segment in the UK. I was quite lucky to get a job offer from the first company I put my eye on!

To be frank, I didn’t even think I would go to a large corporate. I have worked with corporates in the UK as a consultant before and I knew this wasn’t the environment I want to be in. I am grateful to my career consultant who encouraged me to explore all opportunities that might fit my personal strengths and career ambitions.

The Careers service brought in Microsoft for a company presentation, a hackathon and a couple of industry panels that helped me meet company representatives and get to know about the company and its environment. It clicked! Starting from company’s mission: “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” to what the company is actually doing in its day to day activities and how the employees are feeling about their impact.”

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Lavishka Katwa

Lavishka Katwa – Operations Manager Pathways Programme, Amazon

“My MBA career goal was to find a new career where I could be challenged and have the opportunity to realise my potential. I originally thought I might pursue consulting. Once I heard about the Amazon Pathways programme, I shifted my interest because I saw that it was a dynamic and fast-paced job at a hugely successful company where I felt I would achieve my goals of working hard and being challenged, while exploring a range of different skillsets.

I am excited to join Amazon on their MBA Operations Manager Pathways Programme. This will be a fast-paced and rewarding management programme based in the Fulfilment Centres, which make up the heart of Amazon’s operations. Not only will I use the technical knowledge and course material in my career, but I will definitely draw upon the soft skills that I developed during my time at Imperial. I furthered my ability to lead, work in diverse teams and have the confidence to tackle complex problems. Moreover, I plan to continue using the network I have built with my peers and alumni.

The Careers service has been instrumental in me securing my job at Amazon. They hosted Amazon reps on campus for an Information session and even organised a visit to see a real Fulfilment Centre in action. They also connected me with Imperial alumni who now work at Amazon to talk more about the role as well as conducting a mock interview with me to prepare. More broadly, I’ve really appreciated having a dedicated Career Coach who has helped me talk through my goals and refine my materials. Also, the Careers service has put on a number of valuable workshops giving an insight into different industries, providing access to employers and helping us to develop a variety of useful business skills.”

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Monika Pratiwi – Account Manager, Google

“My goal was to work in technology, at Google actually, and thanks to the Imperial MBA I have secured my dream job there. I think it would have been hard to get the job without the Imperial College Business School Careers because the career preparation and mock interview process helped me a lot to shape my interviews.

After meeting Google at an APAC MBA gathering at their offices in London, I told them I wanted to work in Sales, they looked at my CV and I was invited for an interview. The Careers service runs drop-in sessions where they can check your CV, so I got it checked by my coach and also another consultant in the team who is an expert in technology sector companies. Both of them really helped me how to shape and state my best experience into a one-page CV. Once my CV had been qualified by Google to progress to the first stage, I worked with my Careers Coach on interview prep. My mock interviews got better each time.

My new position will be an Account Manager in Strategy for Large Customer Sales at Google Advertising in Jakarta, Indonesia. Google is one of the biggest companies in technology and is still growing. Also, their innovation is mind-blowing. At the moment they also have a lot of innovative new products and they will continue to do so. By joining the team, I will be able to be part of a company that changes the world so that will be very satisfying.”

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Imperial College Business School Careers

Our Careers service features sector-specific teams to support students with an interest in a particular industry (e.g. Consulting, Finance, and Technology), offering tailored support in the form of workshops, drop-ins and intensives, to help your applications within that sector.

From the moment you accept your offer of a place on the Imperial MBA, you will benefit from the support and guidance available from Careers. Whether you are looking to progress within your organisation, or are seeking a new challenge, we will help you take an active approach.

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